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7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

Buy a Used Car is a challenge and most people don’t see the benefits of this choice, here is 7 reasons for why you should consider buying a used vehicle.

New cars are a tempting option to consider when replacing your old vehicle or planning to add to your toys in the garage. New cars are often easier to finance and usually come with the latest tech and safety features. However, whatever way you tend to look at it, purchasing a new vehicle is generally not a sound financial decision.
Whether you’re into used cars or new ones, each category possesses their individual benefits and shortcomings. To help you understand, we have made a list of seven reasons why you should consider to buy a used cars instead of looking up car ads for new cars.


1.) New Cars Depreciate

Cars depreciate. This comes with a small number of outstanding exclusions. “There’s no such thing as free dinner” dad used to say. Quite frankly, this is the case with vehicles too. Irrespective of the perks – free maintenance, warranties, low funding – that comes with new cars, the unavoidable law of depreciation remains a looming expense and a good reason to hunt for used cars instead.
The moment you ride your new car off the sellers’ lot, the value drops. Substantially. Some car brands hold value better than others do, and some brand-new cars often last longer than ever before, yet still, up to 40% of its value is still lost within their first year of purchase.
Considering the probability that money may have been borrowed by the buyer to pay for the new car, and 40% is already going out the window while loan payments are still made on the car, makes buying a new car a questionable investment. Obviously, this will vary depending on your wants and financial situation, but money wise, buy a used car helps you save money.

2.) Worry Less About Minor Damages

If you buy a used car, you will not be so concerned about scratches and damages that are not major. There’s lots of excitement when driving a brand new car, but it’s mentally stressful when you have to worry about the little dents and dings that may occur at any time. Each parking lot, expressway, or other places makes drivers fret. Driving a used car doesn’t make you fret but rather you count them in your collections of driving of experience.

3.) Same Money – More Car

Do you know where the real fun is? Shopping for used cars instead of making budgets for new ones. Unlike with new car depreciation, your hard-earned money can take you into the advanced market section of when looking at used cars. Your budget may be able to get you an entry-level car only when going for new vehicles, but in the land of used cars, it can get you into a higher-end model, with better features and a better fit for you.
For instance, a BMW or Mercedes brand new is likely off the table for you. Same with that loaded SUV. But when you look to used, even a one-year-old model may be quite affordable for the same body type. This is how some car owners are able to obtain the car of their dreams. And to most onlookers, they’re none the wiser. That is why we believe that buy a used car is much more exciting that shopping for new ones!

4.) Certified Pre-owned Option – a Means of Getting Peace of Mind

A warranty gives shoppers some level of confidence in purchasing a product and this is why some people prefer new cars to used cars. However, that is not always the case today because car dealerships now have a program called CPO (Certified Pre-owned) program.
CPO has made the purchase of used car less bothersome.
CPO programs are dependent on manufacturers. And you should note that there is a difference between being dealership certified and manufacturer certified.
Manufacturer certification offers more in context and bonuses than dealership certification, with the former even offering some perks such as car warranties, roadside assistance amongst others.
In addition, some used car dealerships such as We Sell Autos, also offer extended warranty that often brings some older cars to a spot where they are on par with newer ones depending of brand and model, so when you buy a used car, the year and manufacture warranty of the vehicle is not always a problem.

5.) Pay Less for Insurance – Used Cars Let You Do That

Your insurance company looks at the value of your car before deciding the rates you pay. It is more understandable to say that a used BMW incurs lower insurance costs than a new one – all thanks to that dreaded depreciation we have been talking about from the onset. If a new car gets wrecked, your insurance firm will have a bundle of costs at their feet and they charge you higher for car insurance because of it. However, if your used car gets wrecked, of course, you’ll still be upset, but they’ll have to spend less to repair it, therefore you also tend to pay a lesser insurance fee.
So when you buy a used car you are not only saving money on payments, but on insurance as well, being much more likely that you will be able to afford that car that you always wanted.

6.) Vehicle History Reports

Used cars last longer than they used to. That statement may not sweep you off your feet, but the handiness of vehicle history reports might just do it. Services like CARFAX and AutoCheck have helped auto shoppers gain a higher layer of peace of mind when seeking to purchase a used car. Bear in mind that seeing a good report regarding a car does not mean you should not ignore getting a mechanic to do more assessing for you. However, getting to see the number of owners, accident and repair history sure does give you a good indication of future performance.
Dealerships need to have access to car histories if they want to sell used cars, and most of them, like us at We Sell Autos, look into cars that have clean history to bring vehicles of higher quality to our customers, meaning that when you buy a used car with clean history, you are not taking high risks and having peace of mind.

7.) A Thriving Online Community of Real People

There is tons of relevant info online and offline for owners of used vehicles. There are lots of forums and platforms where car owners can ask questions and get answers from experienced people around the world for FREE! With a new car, you’re a bit at the mercy of reviews from driving experts. Who do you want to take your recommendations from? The guy paid by the manufacturers or your neighbor down the street with a YouTube account?
If you do some research about the models that you have some interest you will find what trims and years might fit your needs and understand that if you buy a used car, you will be on a safer spot that with a new one.
If you believe that a used cars is the good fit for you check our Inventory or contact us so we can help you find a new car.


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